Ignition Interlock Devices – Pitfalls And Problems

Touted as reliable, Blood Alcohol Ignition Interlock Devices are anything but. An Ignition Interlock Device is a cheap breathalyzer which is connected to the electrical system of an offender’s vehicle. Before driving, the interlock user must breathe into the device so that it can gauge his or her BAC (blood alcohol content) reading. If the driver’s BAC is .020 or below, the device allows the engine to start. However, if the driver’s BAC is .021 or above, the car will not start. Once the car starts, the driver must periodically breathe into the device. If the device registers a BAC which is over a pre-set limit, a “rolling re-test violation” will occur. These rolling re-tests are designed to insure that the driver is not drinking while driving and he or she did not have someone else provide the initial breath sample.

In Massachusetts, an Interlock Device is required for anyone whose license has his or her license twice suspended in Massachusetts or any other jurisdiction for Drunk Driving or certain other alcohol related offenses. There has been agitated debate about ignition interlock devices in Massachusetts since their inception. These devices were required for drivers who reinstated their suspended license or were on hardship licenses, effective January 1, 2006. Although some claim interlock is the answer to many DUI issues, many experts point out that the device is faulty. Attorney Brian Simoneau has documented numerous instances of false positive readings. False alcohol readings have resulted in 10 year and lifetime license suspensions. .

The ignition interlock device is not completely problematic. Like any debatable item, the device has its benefits. For instance, by preventing people with a high BAC from driving, the device may possibly keep the roads safer and less prone to accidents during certain hours where heavy drinking is the norm. The Registry of Motor Vehicles and Board of Appeal should feel more comfortable granting hardship licenses to individuals with interlock devices. Interlock Devices should allow multiple offenders to keep their jobs so they can live their lives and support their families.In a perfect world, that may be enough, but this world is not perfect, and the device is considerably flawed. The IID is rarely granted to alcoholics, but often first time offenders who have made a mistake.

The interlock devices used in Massachusetts use fuel cell technology. This is considerably less reliable than the infra-red technology used in police breathalyzers. These devices are not alcohol specific and a variety of substances other than alcoholic beverages will register as alcohol. For example, Attorney Simoneau has personally handled cases were common substances such as protein bars, cough drops, cinnamon, baked goods, perfume, hairspray, and favored coffee has registered as alcohol. Attorney Simoneau has also handled cases were the interlock device has registered alcohol and the driver immediately went to a hospital or police station for a comparison blood alcohol test. In every instance, these tests and/or police observations completely contradicted the faulty ignition interlock device. These are only a few examples of the many problems associated with interlock devices. Other problems include defective equipment, frayed cords, and rejection of breath samples.

The ignition interlock device is not a reliable device, and it relies on the “guilty until proven innocent” mindset. That is not what this country’s legal system is supposed to represent. No device that can so easily mistake items like baked goods, protein bars, mouthwash, and cough drops for alcohol should be relied upon to suspend someone’s license for 10 years or life. The sensor tests BAC through an oxidation reaction to the breath, unlike the more reliable infrared spectroscopy used in evidentiary breathalyzers. Therefore, drivers are given a sub-par machine that can potentially label them a criminal and destroy their lives. A person should be innocent until proven guilty, but with an unreliable detector, the opposite is true.

Hopefully you are now more educated on this matter. Before the laws evolve any more, the existing laws need to be perfected. No one should ever be charged for a violation which they have not committed and until these devices are proven to be more accurate, they should not be blindly relied upon to suspend someone’s license.

The Need for Data Protection Software

One of the most important pieces of server security software available is data protection software. The goal of data protection software is exactly that: to protect data. Keep in mind that this is different than data backup software. Though both types of software protect data, they have different purposes.
For example, backup software protects data by making a copy of it and keeping it safe by storing it elsewhere. Should something happen to the original version, you could restore your data by accessing the backup. This ensures that your business can continue to function despite a catastrophic event that damaged or destroyed your data.
In contrast, data protection software doesn’t create a duplicate copy of your data for safekeeping; it protects your data from falling into the wrong hands. This form of server security software uses encryption to scramble the contents of files, folders, or even entire hard disks, so that unauthorized users cannot read the data. Data software requires a “key” to unscramble the encrypted data. If you don’t have that key, all you’ll see is gibberish.
Who Needs Data Protection Software?
Just as all businesses should protect their data by backing it up, all businesses should also protect their data by encrypting it. After all, all businesses have sensitive data that they wouldn’t want others to intercept. For example, imagine a small business with just one computer and five employees. That computer likely has employee information such as name, Social Security number, and pay rate. It also likely has customer information, confidential business information, and more.
What if an unscrupulous employee was planning on leaving the company? What if she copied all of your customer account information onto a USB thumb drive? What’s stopping her? What if the bookkeeper needed to email employee data to an offsite accountant and an identity thieve intercepted it during transmission thereby gaining access to the Social Security numbers of business’s employees? Without data protection software, these individuals could easily access confidential data. With data protection software, they will only see gibberish.
While it makes sense for even the smallest of businesses to protect their data with server security tools, many businesses are required to do so by government regulations. For example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requires health care providers and other “covered entities” to protect sensitive patient health information. While HIPAA’s Security and Privacy Rules do not necessarily spell out which data protection software a covered entity must use, they do require covered entities to protect certain types of information.
In general, any business that has confidential information that it wants or is mandated to protect should use data protection software. Some server security software can encrypt data as well as block USB ports so that unauthorized file copying cannot take place. If you want authorized users to be able to take files on the go using USB drives or mobile devices, you can authorize specific users or devices as well as ensure that any files copied to those devices is first encrypted. This ensures that if the device is lost or stolen, the data is protected. Encryption can be extended to email messages as well.

Disappointments in Strategic Planning

Different research initiative point to a variety of causes for strategic planning failures or disappointments . Survey results suggest
– Numerous executive teams spend less than an hour per month discussing about strategy
– Hardly any employees are aware of their company’s or firm’s strategy
– Most organizations don’t align compensation to strategies
– Very few organizations have effective strategic execution methods
While you look meticulously at the top long-term performing companies in any industry, you find outstanding strategic management system, ability to develop strategies and implement them. However, the disappointment level with strategic planning processes irrespective of the company, is high. Eric D.
Beinhocker & Sarah Kaplan report in McKinsey Quarterly:
Senior executives generally agree that crafting strategy is one of the most important parts of their job. As a result, most companies invest significant time and effort in a formal, annual strategic-planning process that typically culminates in a series of business unit and corporate strategy reviews with the CEO and the top management team. Yet the extraordinary reality is that few executives think this time-consuming process pays off, and many CEOs complain that their strategic-planning process yields few new ideas and is often fraught with politics.
Why the mismatch between effort and result? Some claim that the annual strategy review frequently amounts to little more than a stage on which business unit leaders present warmed-over updates of last year’s presentations, take few risks in broaching new ideas, and strive above all to avoid embarrassment… One executive told us. “There is a lot of dancing, waving of feathers, and beating of drums. No one is exactly sure why we do it, but there is an almost mystical hope that something good will come out of it.
There are significant similarities between software development and strategic planning. Possibilities for breakthrough improvements in both worlds are tremendous. Both require a vision of the future, however, the specifics of how to exactly achieve the vision are usually unclear. Both processes require enormous amount of time in planning, explaining and achieving buy-in.
The failure percentages of software projects are very high. The Standish group reported that :
– 9% of projects end up on-time and on-budget
– 52.7% of projects will amount to 189% of their original estimates
– 30% of computer software projects are so badly carried out that they are canceled prior to completion
According to Info-Tech Research Group, only 11% of business organizations consider technology a “strategic weapon”.
According to National Institute of Standards and Technology, software defects cost nearly billion annually; 80% of development costs involve identifying and fixing defect.
Projects completed by the largest American companies have only approximately 42% of the originally planned features and functions.
The reasons that IT projects struggle according tO study results reported by Standish group include :
– Lack of User Inputs
– Incomplete Requirements & Specifications
– Changing Requirements & Specifications
– Lack of Managerial Support
IBM reports that the best practice in software development is:
It is crucial to decide on the appropriate development life cycle process for the project at hand because all other activities are derived from the process. For most modern software development projects, some kind of spiral-based methodology is used over a waterfall process…
Agile development comprises the different spiral-based development techniques. According to various surveys over the last 9 years, Agile has led to higher software efficiency enhancements, cost cuts , and reduced development time frames. Moreover, the claimed adoption rate of agile development is great. The question nowadays isn’t do agile methods work, but rather what are the agile best practices and how do we apply them effectively ?
IBM describes agile development as :
– a collaborative, incremental, and iterative approach to software development that can generate high quality software in a cost effective and timely manner. Unlike traditional software development, agile development emphasizes flexibility, continuous testing and integration, and rapid delivery of functionality .
– Simplicity
– Constant co-operation between business people and developers
– Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
– Recognize that you have a broad range of stakeholders
– Turn stakeholders into developers
– Adopt stakeholder terminology
– Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
– Working software over comprehensive..

Easy Slideshow Maker v1.0 Released

Easy Slideshow Maker is an efficient and easy slideshow creator software, it can help you create your photos and pictures with kinds of transition effects to avi slideshow video in several steps. Then you may enjoy your static photo become living and interesting. You can burn the slideshow to CD to watch on TV, enjoy it on your mobile phone or portable video player which supports avi format. You also can upload it to your social network space, such as YouTube, Facebook, MySpace etc to share with your friends.

On May 31, Fellow Software just released its first version v1.0, and it allows you make 5 slideshows with no watermark, during the 5 trails period, the whole software is full functional.
More information, you may visit http://www.slideshowmakersoftware.com/ .

Reasons The Sgx Stock Screener Is A Good Choice

SGX is the short form of Singapore Exchange which was inaugurated in 1st December 1999 and this was after the merging of the two established financial institutions namely the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX) and the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES). The Singapore Exchange was the first integrated and demutualised derivatives and securities exchange in Asia Pacific listed on its own stock exchange. SGX provides an efficient, trusted and comprehensive derivatives and securities market to raise capital, trade, risk transfer, clearing and settlement. The exchange also facilitates the clearing as well as trading of over the counter (OTC) derivatives that include oil swaps and forward freight agreements.

SGX also partners with other exchanges all over the world. Due to the high number of companies that are listed on this exchange, it is going to be a bit harder especially for new investors to identify the best stocks they can invest in. However, this has been made easier by Singapore stock screener. This screener is designed to be able to provide more information on each of the stocks that are available for trading in this exchange. Having this information will most likely give any investor the right data to determine the stocks that will best suit their requirements. It is for this reason that an investor is supposed to do through investigations on the various stocks available for trading as well as the various screeners available on the Internet today.

It is important to note that not all the screeners that are available on the Internet are safe to use as some are known to give investors misleading information which may lead to loss of investment. The best way to identify an ideal SGX stock screener is by going through the reviews websites where you will be able to get all the information required to identify a reliable screener and this will include previous client feedback as well as any awards the screener company may have been given for their services. You can alternatively ask for recommendations from other investors who may have some information that may be useful to you. These screeners are supposed to ensure that all investors feel comfortable when using them. A good SGX stock screener should also be easy to use and here the most important thing is the search criteria should have different options including stock prices, history of the stock as well as the expectations of the stock returns.

The Singapore stock screener is a good choice. Any stock screener that has insufficient information on the stocks available for trading should not be considered. You should also be very careful with screeners that do not have feedback from clients.

Reasons for Learning to Play the Flute

There are a number of fascinating and remarkable musical instruments all over the world. Most of these came from the early times, preserved by our ancestors and passed on to the younger generations.

We know of the different types like woodwinds, strings and percussion. They all have their unique way in creating sounds and bringing music to life.

All of these instruments are of great importance in some cultures, and are even interesting to learn. They are all different and unique in appearance and their music are all exceptional and wonderful.

So if you are choosing an instrument to learn, it is somehow difficult to decide. One woodwind instruments that attracts the admiration and loyalty of many people is the flute.

This instrument creates an exceptional sound which other instrument can’t make. It can create captivating music that is exceptional and wonderful to many music lovers. Flute is also considered to be among the oldest musical instrument.

So if you are learning the flute, you are actually playing an ancient yet still popular instrument. The flute has evolved into a number of different kinds – from bass to alto among others.

Additionally, the flute is an awesome instrument to learn. The manipulation of notes is much simpler to take note of, since it is just like that of a voice recorder. By blowing a little harder, you get the produce a higher note.

For many music aspirants who can’t afford to learn the saxophone, flute has always been a good alternative. You can save money but will still be able to play with a similar reed. Also, learning the flute doesn’t cost much and is not as sophisticated as compared to other reed instruments.

Flute can be flexible and go with many music genres. You can play it with pop, classical or jazz music. Playing it will give you so much pleasure, especially when played with your favorite song. Yes, you can surely do this with practice and careful study on the piece you want to play.

It is really easy to learn this instrument compared with any other musical instrument around. Because of its portability, you can carry it anywhere and practice anytime you want. Besides that, cleaning and maintaining it is not as difficult as other woodwind instruments.

Musical instruments are generally known to provide many health advantages to the players and listeners. The flute has its own benefits to the body which some people don’t know. As you continuously play this instrument, you are actually expanding your lungs and improving the air volume you take in. You manage this by blowing into it for a period of time.

Learning the flute can be done in a number of ways. You can always get a music book or software from the internet to teach yourself. You can also attend classes and be taught by a music teacher.

But whatever method you choose to learn playing, always remember that dedication and practice is the key to become successful. This instrument has special and unique features which can give you pleasure while creating music for everyone to hear.

Convert Excel to VCF file format easily and securely by the SysTools Excel to vCard Converter.

Convert Excel to vcf File easily and securely.
Excel From vCard
Excel is a very common application used by millions of the peoples now days. This application is mainly used for saving contact list of customers or employees with emails as well. So lots of people are finding a way to convert excel to Outlook contacts list as convert excel to VCF file format is not that easy if we do it manually and it is not possible to convert excel to vCard File format directly. But there is one possible way which is created by the SysTools to convert excel to VCF file format called as Excel VCF Converter. This software can easily convert any type of Excel file into the VCF file format as well and it also convert CSV file into the VCF file format.
Concerning vCards
vCard stands for virtual Card File which is also known as electric visiting card or electric business card. It is the Computer generated business card not some old rituals card made of plastic or paper having some graphics with Phone numbers and Address on it. The File Format of vCard is .vcf extension and it is mainly supported by lots of devices and mobile phones as well and this file format is also supported by many email clients as well like Outlook, Lotus Notes and mobile Phones like Blackberry and iPhone as well with lots of operating systems as well like Mac and windows.
Reward of using vCards:
If we look at a particular file then we can easily found that it’s a rich media Business card having almost all the information like emails, contact information as well. User can also store the rich media files in a particular vCard like images and audio voice as well with also considering basic information as well like Business address and Phone numbers as well.
Software for the conversion of the Excel to vCard File Format
There are lot of Third party software which promises that they can easily convert Excel to vCard file format but they are not able to complete promises which they committed and also many other Online Conversion tool which will convert only first five or ten contacts from excel to VCF file format steals all the contacts as well. So, SysTools Excel to vCard file format is the best option for the Conversion of Excel to VCF file format. convert excel to vcf file

3 Tips To Win The Lotto

Millions of people want to win the lottery. That’s way there are always millions of pounds or dollars in prizes. Even those people who are satisfied with their “lot” in life would still appreciate the freedom from financial pressures and restraints that a lottery win would surely bring them. Why not want a lottery win when the economy is in such a bad state caused by greedy bankers who already live like lottery winners! Having a little day dream about winning big on a lotto draw does create strong feelings of pleasure and contentment. What you may not realise, however, is that you do not have to dream of a lottery win or even just hope and pray for one. You really can learn how to win the lottery if you are open to such things being possible!

Wanting and getting are completely different things. An obvious statement to you no doubt but consider it for a moment. Dreamers are large in number. Practical dreamers are few. A practical dreamer will dream the same dreams as everyone else but he or she will then actively pursue those dreams. If you want to dream then by all means do so but use those dreams to inspire you into action. Although taking action is an important part of any goal achievement or success you must also be prepared to plan your rote to success and learn how to make those plans.

“How does this relate to winning the lottery?” is something that you are probably wondering.

If winning the lottery is something that you really want to do then you must set this as your goal and follow all the same procedure you would for any other goal.

Set a goal that you are going to win the lottery. This is your intention and setting intentions is extremely powerful when it comes to achieving your desires.

When I speak on setting an intention I am not referring to a Buddhist philosophy or any type of metaphysical teachings. Setting an intention triggers something in your brain that gives you motivation and persistence. Intentions are goals that you have no intention of never reaching.

Making a strong unbending and unyielding intention puts your mind in a very strong position. The mind is fickle and easily influenced and it always gives you answers. Asking yourself why you are always broke and your mind will give you the reasons. Ask yourself “how can I get rich?” and your mind will start to search for answers. Use this quirk of the mind to your advantage. Tell yourself that you will achieve your goal no matter what you have to do and watch as your mind tries to find ways to do it! This is how you achieve any goal.Winning the lottery is no different!

Believe it or not there are mathematical systems that have already been proven to greatly sway the lottery odds in your favour by many millions! When you use the very best lotto systems, that have been designed to work with the laws of probability and lottery patterns, you can reduce your odds significantly. In fact in a 6 from 49 draw using a 8 number wheeling system can reduce your odds from 1 in 14 million to just 1 in 500,000 for just 28 bucks! And, that’s just the jackpot! Winning smaller prizes is almost a foregone conclusion.

When you set a goal to win the lottery you must look into these type of lotto systems deeper.

Now is the time to take action. When you have found the very best lottery system available it is time to take action and start winning. Follow the 3 simple steps below.

1. Set a goal that you will win the lottery.

2. Learn about lottery systems that have already been used to win and pick the best one for you and your circumstances.

3. Once you have a good system put it to use.

The above simple 3 step formula, if followed, diligently will result in some form of lottery win. Landing yourself a big lottery jackpot win always relies on luck. However, by following the steps mentioned you can ensure yourself wins in any lotto you play. Many people have won jackpots following the above steps.

Is Emotional Intelligence Just the Fad du Jour?

“I’ve been doing this for 15 years,” Annette told me. “It just wasn’t called this.” I was explaining to a counselor in Australia about the field of emotional intelligence, and she was sure she’d found it first. Likely you’ll feel the same way.
“Oh, I know what you’re talking about,” James tells me, as I present a proposal to coach his staff on EQ. “Team building, leadership, getting along, cutting down on the politics. Why didn’t you say so?”
Emotional intelligence, also known as EQ (and EI) isn’t a new concept. Most people recognize it right away, or parts of it anyway. It’s what used to be called “social skills,” or “people skills,” or “common sense,” or “gut feeling.” And it’s spreading around the world like wildfire.
“Let me leave you with the million Ringgit question,” writes a Malaysian consultant. “Is it imperative to measure our emotional intelligence and take appropriate steps to bridge our EI gaps? Only you can decide. I rest the case with you.”
An Australian reporter writes, “Top leaders are getting in touch with their emotions and those of their staff as intuition and emotional intelligence become the hottest management buzzwords.” And international EQ conferences are planned this summer in the UK and Canada.
Emotional intelligence is spreading around the world because it’s needed, and it’s far from a buzz word or the fad-du-jour. According to Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., whose book “Emotional Intelligence” popularized the concept some years ago, non-cognitive factors account for about 80% of adult success.
Researchers such as Martin Seligman, Ph.D., Daniel Goleman, Ph.D., Peter Salovey, Ph.D., Reuven Bar-on, Ph.D., Con Stough, Ph.D. wanted to find out what factors besides IQ contributed to our success and happiness. They’ve named the competencies (or qualities, or skills), designed assessments, developed individual and business
programs, and made some complex behaviors (like “people skills”) understandable and teachable. Yes, unlike IQ, EQ can be improved over the lifetime and according to Goleman, it’s 2-4 times as important to our success and happiness.
Things like self-awareness, managing our own emotions and those of others, team building, leadership, negotiation and communication, constructive discontent, recognizing nonverbal signs and emotional content in poetry and art, personal power, integrity, focus, being self-motivated and able to set priorities, flexiblility, creativity, trust, and good intuition — to name a few.
Tomorrow, what skills will you need to have atwork besides your degree to forge 10 people from 5 different cultures, 4 religions, 2 generations, 6 ethnic backgrounds, 2 sexes, and 4 departments, with 3 learning styles, 5 communication styles, and 4 occupations, 1 of whom is introverted, 1/3rd of whome are left-brained, 1 of whom is hearing-impaired, 4 of whom are depressed, half of whom are single, 3 of whom you’ve never met before, and 3 of whom are speaking a second-language, whose IQs range from 110-150, into a team able to produce a work product to specification, on time, and within budget?
And then pick up your mother from eldercare, and go home to a loving relationship in a strong marriage that nurtures two children?
You’ll need emotional intelligence!
It’s expensive in terms of lost money, opportunity, time, relationships, promotions, careers, projects, goals, accomplishments, self-esteem, marriages, physical and emotional health, and even life.
– 75% of careers are derailed for reasons related to emotional competencies
– 70% of the reasons why customers and clients are lost are EQ-related
– 50% of time wasted in business is due to lack of trust
– Seniors get worse in hospitals when the physical therapists don’t engage with them
– Counseling clients fail to change because their counselors lack empathy or optimism
– 50% of marriages fail
– Suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death for youths aged 15-4 in the US
– Think this is because of industrialized society? Think again. Samoa has the highest suicide rate in the world.
– Impulsive boys are 3-6x as likely to be violent adolescents
– Low levels of empathy predict poor school performance
– Gifted children manifest a near “blindness” to social cues which leads to isolated and sad childhoods
– Doctors with poor EQ skills get sued more
– 75-90% of visits to primary care physicians in the US are due to stress-related problems
– Pessimists live shorter, unhealthier, unhappier, lives, and are less likely to achieve their potential than optimists
– College students in a study with the same IQ and GPA who did not write down their career goals with Intentionality were 50% less successful 15 years later
– Perfectionism is potent. Perfectionists produce better work, get better grades, get enormous positive feedback. Perfectionists also have a markedly higher suicide rate.
*Work with an EQ coach.
*Browse my website for resources, websites, books, articles
*Take The EQ Foundation Course© (http://www.susandunn.cc/courses.htm)
*Subscribe to “It’s About My Personal & Professional Development” and “EQ in the Workplace” ezines.
*Check out http://www.eiconsortium.org for the latest research and writing, and also research data confirming the positive results EQ training can bring to an individual and also to an organization.
You know there’s more involved in success and happiness than cognitive skills alone. Why not investigate the possibilities!

Direct-pctv Review – Should You Buy It?

Finding an impressive direct-pctv review is effortless because it can be found all over the web nowadays. Watching satellite television for pc has become a huge rage over the past months and more people are changing to this method of viewing television channels because of the convenience it provides when compared to watching cable television. The primary benefit which turns up on virtually any direct pctv review is the cost saving accomplished using satellite television for pc software compared to cable. It is not unusual for household cable television bills to frequently exceed 0. However, with direct tv software, you only need to give the original software set up fee of less than and then you can enjoy a lifetime of television channels for free. The set up procedure only takes about 5 minutes and then you will have over 3500 satellite channels at your fingertips. Watch them anytime anywhere from your computer and enjoy a decent television viewing experience like never before.

No more hidden costs and charges is really a guarantee that you’re going to discover in any direct-pctv review. After paying the one time set up fee, you are able to download the software and install it on your pc or notebook. Once this is done, you should have access to all the television channels you need to watch. In case you are not pleased using the software or the service, you only have to get in touch with the company via their site and notify them of your frustration within the set period. You will definately get your money back and the software will be removed from your computer. This makes it straightforward enough to check out the service and establish whether or not it is suitable for you. Direct pctv stands by their product warranty and pride themselves on delivering a high quality service which evidently means a superior buyer satisfaction rate and low refund request.

Any respectable direct pctv review will address extra benefits of the system compared to typical cable subscriptions. If you detest watching channels on your computer or notebook, it is effortless enough to link it up to a television and you can enjoy viewing as normal. Additionally, any direct-pctv review often points out the high quality of sound and video because of the high definition video and digital sounds that are offered by the pc tv software.

Perhaps one of the most important advantages of setting up this software is that it makes it possible for you to view your preferred shows wherever you are at. If you are traveling, you just need a broadband and you can easily access to view a show. You won’t have any justification for missing any show in the future. This feature offers access to 3500 or more channels from anywhere in the world. If you are traveling for a month or more and fail to arrange for your cable to be removed, you are effectively paying for nothing. However, via pc tv software you can bring it with you if it is installed on your PC. In addition to this, any trustworthy direct-pctv review will also state the fact that you will receive a free antivirus and spy ware software with the acquisition of the satellite tv to pc software. The service will also give you their pc media player for no additional cost.

The standard is high when dealing with customers as any inquiries are rapidly resolved to a customer’s satisfaction. The experienced team will deal with inquiries from amateur and skilled users and help you work through any installation problems.

The requirements for installing this product are a pc with at least 256 RAM and disk space of 20 GB. Once you have set up and experienced the attraction of satellite tv on pc, feel free to share your understanding in a direct-pctv review to let others know of this wonderful radical product and its rewards.