Components of Point Of Sale System: Hardware and Software

Understanding Point of Sale and Point of Sale System
Point of Sale (POS) system is a system used in managing commercial good and services. POS system includes software and hardware. The term “Point of Sale” refers to the point where consumers take their needed goods and pay for them (for example in a grocery store). Supermarkets, boutiques, stores and other business firms make use of a POS system. POS system refers to the way or approach of transaction through the use of a machine or computer system. Small-sized businesses usually use computer type of POS system.
The electronic cash register is the most basic POS system. The items are passed through to a cash register, detect the item’s code and print a receipt. On the other hand, cash registers may be able to provide detailed reports on sales weekly, monthly or annually. In a more complex form of POS system, it features inventory management capacity where sales and items are tracked down; accounting features such as credit card checking and employee information recording.
Understanding the POS Hardware
POS hardware is the principal component of POS system. POS hardware includes display screen, customer display screen, cash drawer, swiping device (for credit cards), printer, computer and a bar code reader. All of these are components of POS terminal, the crucial component of POS hardware. POS terminal processes any transactions involving credit cards, debit cards and checking accounts.
Understanding the POS Software
While POS hardware centers on credits and checks, POS software keys on calculating sales through cash registers. POS softwares are programs that help function the whole system and is responsible on sending and receiving information or data in the system. Thus, Point of Sale Softwares are for data storage, and tracking and recording of sales.
The following are primary tasks of POS software:
– adds total sales
– shows sales tax
– displays customer’s change
– manages inventory sales (inventory database)
The inventory management capacity of Point of Sale system is very useful for business especially for those with multiple store chains. Besides from the product and service identification, most of the POS software inventory database secures SKU or Stock Keeping Unit where items and services are assigned per category (keyword search capability). In addition, there are POS softwares that have date-time sales recording where retailers may be able to establish on what’s-hot and what’s-not items over time.

How You Can Use Anywhere To Automate Website Data Extraction

Meaning of web data extraction
With the flood of information and data on the web, it is increasingly essential for companies to download data to business decisions. Most of the data on the network can be classified into structured data and unstructured data. Net Web data extraction, data from structured and unstructured data retrieval process.
Data extraction methods
1. Book
2. Automatic
Manual data extraction is time consuming, tedious and requires a lot of manpower and labor, leading to errors in the extraction. Manual extraction of automated web data extraction on the other lacks disadvantages.
Automation Anywhere Web Data Extraction method:
1. Web page with changes in the automated data extraction.
2. Extraction facility can be scheduled to run
3. Confidentiality is maintained
4. On the reliability of sources
5. Errors and reduces labor time.
How can I transfer data using Automation Anywhere to unpack?
Table to extract data from a website for an example. This video shows how to use Automation Anywhere to the table to extract data from this website.
1. Web recorder to record and extract data from which the URL of the website to give.
2. Web pages are made from the table. ‘Get the table “as shown in the display, then click and click on the table you want to delete.
3. Specify the file where you save the data set and then want to stop recording. The data has an existing file can be attached.
4. Work, save and run it. Act as triggers, and then start the website, to the page to navigate and retrieve data in a file.
As often as needed and when needed functions can be performed. With Automation Anywhere you a text file, I want Oracle or Excel data into a database to retrieve. You also like mainframes and web applications, or legacy systems, the extracted data. If you want to set up data extraction, you can use Automation Anywhere to Schedule tab. Your data mining few times a day, once per day, week and to plan specific days.
This is not only structured data, unstructured data extraction from the website, but also allows the extraction. It has many lines of code you have given instructions on what to look for. The key words, key phrases, Meta tags, hyperlinks and descriptions as Web pages, to search for some kind of information. Usually linked pages are similar in content.
Web Crawler software for a computer, systematic, mechanical methods used to browse the Internet program. Many search engines like Google, as a way to provide current information uses the software. Does it will index the pages that are loaded for quick searches? Web Crawler to automatically perform maintenance on the website is used. It will collect information such as e-mail addresses from web pages. Web Crawler software download pages that are related to each other will do.
Scrape Website data to the procedure involves using computer software to specific information from a number of websites to run. Simulate the process by which such software is written for people to search for information. The data collected for a number of reasons, the first time to the process by which companies online competitive pricing, research, and various other facilities for monitoring purposes.

How to maximize Windows experience index score

Hey, before going in deep, let me explain you that windows experience index score is just like report card which a student get after exams. On that basis, teachers and parents come to know how their ward is performing in studies. Windows experience index score too perform the same task; it makes a report of computer’s performance by going through hardware and software present in machine.
The Windows Experience Index computes the capability of your computer’s hardware and software configuration and display this analysis as a number called a base score. A computer with higher base score will perform better then in comparison with computer having lower base score. It helps in upgrading the software and hardware which are necessary for the computer.
The major categories in windows experience index (WEI) makes scan and generate a report are
1. Processor
2. Memory(RAM)
3. Graphics
4. Gaming graphics
5. Primary hard disk.
The steps to launch WEI and generate report in your system are as follows,
• Open start menu having windows logo on it.
• Click on the control panel.
• Click on performance information and tools.
It will generate a report and according to which you can upgrade your hardware. Once you have upgraded your software, repeat the process and generate a fresh new report. This will increase the index score of your computer.
WEI generates a base score which is determined from the lowest of the five sub scores. The base score and sub scores express performance level that you expect not only from Windows itself, but also from the programs that you run on it.
A base of 1.0 doesn’t mean that your computer is in bad condition. It means that windows will run with basic functionality and will support basic programs. However, a higher score will guarantee high performance and will support programs that require more resources.
The list of base scores and its interpretation are as follows,
• Base score 1.0 to 1.9:
Expectations: you can expect basic performance meeting minimum requirements.
Applications: web browsing, email, instant messaging programs, simple games, business programs and so on.
• Base score 2.0 to 2.9:
Expectations: enhanced performance capabilities of windows.
Applications: run programs as of earlier level but with high performance.
• Base score 3.0 to 3.9:
Expectations: automatically windows aero get enabled on computer.
Applications: same programs as earlier as well with some graphics-intensive games and most features of Windows Media Center.
• Base score with 4.0 to 4.9:
Expectations: perform well with high-resolution monitors and multiple monitors.
Applications: all the programs of earlier level run well with excellent performance and window media center run with high definition video.
• Base score with 5.0 to 5.9:
Expectations: highest performance level available.
Applications: all the programs from previous level run well with excellent performance as well as games with ultra rich graphics, three-dimensional modeling programs, and high-end video and multimedia programs runs well.
Guys, this how windows experience index perform, if you face any sort of problem and needs technical support, you can do a call to my toll free number 1-855-352-1816. You can even visit website of impcsupport. It provides online technical support, windows maintenance tools and so on.

Resolve Annoying Sound Fluctuation From Directv Programming

What can be more frustrating than the irritating sound fluctuations while watching TV? No doubt, poor picture quality is another most irksome experience while enjoying any program on TV. The sound of the commercials can also be frustrating enough. However, with DirecTV, you can find solutions for all your TV woes. DirecTV is a pioneering name in the world of TV entertainment which has millions of satisfied subscribers. The companies providing the services for this satellite TV are trying their best to ensure the best quality TV experiences for their viewers. Keeping this in mind they are constantly coming up with new innovations and inventions to eliminate the fluctuating sound effects from the television. In this way, they are ensuring the supreme TV experience for the subscribers.

Sometimes while you are watching a program on TV you come across a typical problem. When you watch a program sometimes the sound is so low that you hardly can hear anything. As a result you increase the volume level. But when it’s time for a commercial break you just get irrigated by the loud sound of the commercials. The same thing happens when you switch between the channels. Sometimes you come across channels with excessive loud sound and some with hardly audible sound. This makes the whole of TV experience annoying and people can hardlyenjoy watching TV then.

The problem of fluctuating sound has become an annoying problem with the present day TV viewers. They are not getting the optimum TV experience due to this special problem. However, DirecTV has come up with a unique solution for this problem. They have joined hands with the leading provider of surround sound and voice technology SRS Labs. DirecTV will get the full technical support for voice problems on the TV. SRS will work on these voice fluctuating problems so that the maximum sound quality can be ensured to the viewers.

DirecTV is licensed to use all the innovative TrueVolume technology developed by SRS Labs. With this satellite TV service provider can use all the latest technology invented by SRS on their receiver system or on their set up boxes. This will reduce the sound fluctuations while you switch between different channels. This will help you to get a uniform level of sound volume for all the channels. This will be soothing to your ear too. With this technology on your set top boxes, you can enjoy the uniform level of volume on your DirecTV when you come across commercials. So, you can enjoy the amazing listening experience with this TrueVolume technology on your satellite TV set top boxes.

DirecTV is providing the TrueVolume technology free with all its satellite TV receivers. They are providing this free with all the set top boxes to ensure that the viewers can enjoy the optimum sound experience. The best part is that you don’t need to pay any extra charge for it. It will be provided with your DirecTV connection. The satellite TV service provider is offering this for free because they want the viewer to enjoy the movie, sports or sitcom with the best sound quality. With this now you can put your fingers off your mute button and can enjoy the amazing sound effect.

How do I protect my intranet?

An intranet is a network or a set of interconnected computer networks within the same institution. Like all networks, the fundamental purpose of the Intranet is to share information and resources among the various users of the same. What distinguishes an Intranet from other types of networks is the protocol used for communication between computers, which is the TCP/IP, the same used on the Internet. With an intranet which can be considered a small-scale Internet.
An intranet can set within the corporate earnings-related information about the organization and its projects, employees, training, inventory, etc., Encourages the application of group work, discussion boards, marketing plans , project management and design and manufacturing activities, the communications are bidirectional, allowing communication between teams, between departments, offices located in different premises, and, of course, there is also out of doors communication (Internet), improving relations external, national or international.
The objectives of the Intranet is to get a better and more efficient communication and collaboration between managers, employees and even, if desired, external collaborators.
For all these reasons and taking into account the sensitive corporate information that usually appears in the corporate intranet, deserves special attention on the safety stop them.
Any Intranet is vulnerable to attacks by people intending to destroy or steal corporate data. The unlimited nature of the Internet and TCP/IP to a company exposed to such attacks.
Intranets require various safety measures, including combinations of hardware and software that provides traffic control, encryption and passwords to validate users and computer security, and software tools to prevent viruses, blocking unwanted sites, and control traffic.
The main problem is that although an Intranet is a private network that is accessible by well-defined and limited group, it is not exempt from attacks that could compromise the information handled, since most of these are caused by their own users.
Most computer security statistics indicate that about 80% of computer-related fraud from internal users, so intranets are the most vulnerable to such attacks.
The measures of Information Security are broadly as follows:
Creating an Access Control
The purpose of this procedure aims to establish rules governing the management of passwords and access privileges to information systems, applications and data. Various security techniques, including encryption, help ensure that passwords are kept safe. It is also necessary to require that passwords be changed frequently, not easily guessed or common dictionary words, and not simply reveal. Authentication is the extra step to verify that the person giving the password is the person authorized to do so.
Implement technical measures to prevent the spread of virus by the computer system.
To protect sensitive corporate information, and to ensure that the pirates would not hurt the computer systems and data, the company will implement all measures within its power as the use of safety barriers called firewalls that protect a Intranet Internet.
Another technical measure of fundamental importance and is perhaps the most widespread is the use of antivirus software, as well they should be run on individual workstations within the Intranet because it may be possible to introduce a virus into the Intranet for floppy disks, for example. In addition to virus protection, virus can detect and remove any viruses found.
As you can see there are several different methods for deploying a secure Intranet, but neither alone can provide sufficient security, but it is the combination of all these elements together with a successful security policy planning, specific requirements and the characteristics of the company, are those that could help define an effective security strategy without all this interrupt or hinder the activities of users who are for the Intranet is finally built.

How Do You Get Your Ex Back When He Has a New Girlfriend?

As a dating coach, I always get this question:
How do I win back my ex.

The question gets even trickier when it is:
How do I win back my ex when he is already seeing someone else.

In most cases, I do not believe in going back. There is usually a very good reason for the breakup. You can be friends with your exes but jumping back into a bad relationship is very rarely a wise move.

Most of my clients initially do not want to hear this so:

That said, here is the answer to your question:

How do you get your ex back when he has a new girlfriend?

In most cases the key to winning your guy back is patience. Most women screw up their chances of getting back together with their guy by being too forward, clingy or by throwing a fit if he does not want to get immediately back together. He did not want to hear you complain, or see you sob your eyes out when he was dating you, why in the world would you think that this technique would work now?

Also, men find unavailable women desirable. Throwing yourself at him actually makes you less valuable in his eyes.

Why would he want to get back together with someone like that?

Instead, let him know that you would like to still be his friend. Do not bring up past issues or act bitter in any way. You must appear to be happy and enjoying your life. No needy pleas for him to come back.

He will be expecting you to either be angry or upset. Don’t prove him right. Do the unexpected.

Be there as his friend and as a good listener when he and his new girlfriend inevitably argue. Lend a sympathetic ear. If she is just a rebound girlfriend he may begin to remember all the reasons why he dated you in the first place. Never speak badly of her to him, allow him to do that. You are just being really sweet and supportive.

Date someone else, if possible. I prefer the suggestion of being seen out with a male friend frequently, so that you are not leading some new guy on. Seeing another man interested in you may remind him that you are an attractive woman.

Actually develop yourself. Take the classes that you never had time to take, when you were dating. Take the extra time with your appearance that you forgot to do, as your relationship progressed. If you do not feel beautiful and seductive, why would he believe that you are and want you back?

For a really great demonstration of how to do this technique correctly, rent the movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan.

1)First they show exactly what not to do to get your guy back.

2) Then they show you how to approach him and the new girlfriend. This scene might actually work better overseas than in the states. They are more reserved. Here the new girlfriend might go for your throat. The point of this scene is not to go in with guns blazing. Be pleasant to the new girlfriend and wish them well.

3) Finally, there is a great scene where she goes to her ex to settle their relationship and divide up their stuff. He has dumped her for this French woman who he calls a goddess. Meg Ryan does not storm in like the scorned woman. She is classy about the whole thing and of course he is immediately enamored again.

Once a man realizes that you are perfectly ok without him, he begins to wonder if there is something valuable that he has lost. We tend to do the same thing, which is probably why this article even exists.

Choose class over throwing yourself at him in a wild attempt to “win him back.” Start moving on with your life and he will find himself scrambling to catch up.

Abacus Stimulates Whole Brain Development

It is proven fact that the Left part of the brain plays a dominant role in the analytical processes, while creative processes mainly take place in the Right part. It is important to realize, however, that this is not a black and white picture, set in stone. In fact, all brain processes take place through the brain as a whole; there is just a general preference in functionality. It is also important to note that the brain is extremely flexible, and different parts are able to take over certain functions, should they become nonfunctional in their normal location due to some kind of brain injury.
Whole brain integration means using the Left and the Right side of the brain together, which improves the use of your brain by 5-10%.There are several activities that have proven to stimulate the Right and the Left parts of the brain simultaneously. One of the well known activity is Abacus where brain exercise is done in such a way that it stimulates both parts of the brain i.e., right and left part simultaneously and therefore can be a very powerful tool for creation and planning. This development process has had many stages.
It relates back to the prehistoric time and the first stage of development involves the construction of Abacus. The wooden calculator helps teach mathematical skills, patterning and color recognition, and slide and count the beads with this timeless counting frame. It is also shown that it leads to a much better brain development.
Although the abacus does not qualify as a mechanical calculator, it certainly stands proud as one of first mechanical aids to calculation and if you know how to master an abacus then you can even out beat a modern calculator in terms of accuracy and speed.When children use both hands to move the abacus beads to perform arithmetic calculations, there is quick communication between the hands and the brain that stimulates both the right and left hemispheres of the brain. This promotes rapid and balanced whole brain development.
If a child starts learning the abacus before being taught traditional arithmetic, there is minimal conflict and the child will easily work within both systems. If a child starts the program later, having already received traditional foundations, there may be a slightly extended learning period for the child to accept and integrate the abacus method.Though this world is left brain dominated world, but many famous lefties have graced this earth.
Some of the famous artists who are left handers have dominated right brain like MF hussain used both of his hands and he was one of India’s best-known artists, Amitabh bachchan is also a left hander and has brilliance unlimited, Appel, Karel were Dutch Painter, Sculptor and Printmaker, Leonardo da Vinci, Florentine Polymath etc.So by using both the hands together with the help of abacus, a child can become Genius.

Is Sign 2 Cash A Scam? My Review

The answer to the question is NO signs 2 cash only provide you with a legitimate opportunity for you to make money from home. All of their opportunities have been tested and proven to make money for many other individuals around the world. Although this program will not make you rich, however it is meant to give someone a comfortable lifestyle while not having to work in an office for 8 hours a day.

You may be wondering what exactly will you be doing? You will be locating recently sold homes, apartments, condos, etc. in your local area. This is as simple as finding a for sale sign that has changed to sold.

The program is a paid membership for the following reasons:

-It takes time and money to maintain website as well as provide members with customer support. Also, because they are charging for ther services provided, you can be sure you will only receive the highest quality services, along with regular updates and reliable customer support.

-Your membership also locks you in as a member. This is to avoid too many locators in any one area physically so you are protected against such things as having 100 locators in your neighborhood all fighting to find the same sold signs. The membership fee cannot be deducted from your paycheck reason being this fee is required for database maintainance for members.

How do you make money?

Your Earnings Are Only Limited By The Number of Sold Signs You Locate Weekly!

Check the chart below for the potential earnings you could make!

5 sold signs located, 5 x .00 = 5 Per Day!
10 sold signs located, 10 x .00 = 0 Per Day!
25 sold signs located, 25 x .00 = 5 Per Day!
50 sold signs located, 50 x .00 = ,250 Per Day!

When you register to access the private back office and follow the simple instructions you are given, it will take a couple of weeks for you to make all the preparations needed to get started. Once the preparations are complete, you’re ready to start earning. Make 5.00 in two hours easily.

The more time you invest, the more money you can make while working in a very rewarding, fun and easy business from your own home.

An average of .00 for every sold sign you locate goes directly to you!

No need to meet the people or even speak to them on the telephone. All you have to do is to find the addresses.

Skill & Experience Requirements

No experience is required and easy to follow instructions are provided. However, these minimum requirement should be noted:

– Older than 18 years old.
– Sense of duty and determination.
– Experience in writing and using a word processor such as Microsoft

Advantages Of Voip Technology As Proposed By Omid Shekarchian

There are a lot of uses of communication and it tends to contribute significantly to the growth of the society. In simple terms, communication is a means through which messages or certain information could be passed from one to another. It is a proven way to inherit experience or knowledge from previous generations and by passing it on to future generations, thus giving us an ability to progress, perform and produce. Conclusively, it forms an integral part of our life to communicate with each other.

Formerly, the modes of communication were pretty slow and with the advancement of technology, telephone and wireless systems came into existence. Communicating to distant countries across the globe over the telephone turned out to be an expensive affair and there was a need to launch something more effective at lower costs. In the present age, the speeds of communication are increasing and there is a need to follow the super-fast data streams over the internet. The inception of VoIP opened a new era of communication techniques.

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. Here the communication takes place over the internet. With reduced costs and highly effective performance, more and more people are turning towards VoIP services. The biggest advantage is that information could be exchanged within a fraction of a second, just like the conventional telephony. VoIP converts the conventional analog signal into a digital format, an acceptable form to be able to transmit over the internet. The signal could then be received in the receiver’s end in the same format.

VoIP service could also be used by the means of a digital phone or a soft phone. In addition, some people also use it through a conventional Analog phone. The biggest advantage is that it is completely user-friendly and the users just need to dial the number in order to get started. The service functions globally and in accordance to the bandwidth, the users can also use the video features, enhancing complete media conferences. This adds benefit to the corporate organisations that has headquarters in different countries. People often use it to stay in touch with friends and relatives residing in several parts of the world and they tend to feel so empowered with the video conferencing mode.

On the other hand, since the VoIP signals are transmitted over the internet, the service is prone to attacks existing on the internet. The data exchanged over digital internet streams could be easily hacked by experts and therefore this technology is not as secured. Although, there are a lot of developments in the field, government and military organisations are employing Voice over Secured Internet Protocol (VoSIP) so as to ensure secured transmissions. However, regardless of the security flaw, the technology is escalating in popularity due to its effectiveness and inexpensiveness.

Profile: Omid started his career in the telecommunication business development at a very early age. He has more than 15 years of experience in financial planning and optimized cash flow system design and development. He joined Tele1Ten Inc recently where his task was to provide complete one-stop solutions business model for comprehensive voice and data needs. Omid Shekarchian has fair incumbent knowledge for front end and back end interface and has developed unique wireless solutions capable of reaching millions of subscribers in wide region.

Omid has earned his BS degree in electrical engineering through KNT University and got his MS degree in Operations Research through the University of Industry & Science. It has been a decade since VoIP has scaled high on the development graph which shows its popularity and its cost-effectiveness. VoIP is the latest trend in the telecommunication industry which helps users to make calls with the help internet rather using any telecom provider.

15 Ways To Spice Up Your Car

1. Getting new leather upholstery
These days, leather upholstery is no longer only found on the most expensive luxury cars. In addition to making any car interior instantly look and feel more luxurious, leather seats don’t smell musty or wear out the way typical fabric seats do. That is because leather being an organic product can be conditioned and nourished back to its original condition even years after they’ve been installed. Unlike vinyl or PVC upholstery, leather seats never get as hot when you step into a car that’s been parked in the sun.

2. Adding a window tint
As Singapore lies within the tropics and just a few kilometres away from the equator, the sun and its damaging ultra violet rays beats down on us every day of the year. One very effective way of easing the load on your car’s air conditioner and also protect the upholstery, which can get bleached out by constant exposure to the sun, is to install a window tinting film. Brands like V-Kool and Huper Optik are the most established brands.

3. Going for a car grooming package
Car-grooming professionals take the pain out of washing, waxing and polishing the exterior and interior of your car. It gives you more time to enjoy your weekends instead of getting soapy hands and tired arms. There are normally many different grooming packages available and prices may range from around to the thousands. Some of the more popular automotive grooming companies in Singapore are Autoglym, Amazing Glaze and Glare.

4. Modify the suspension
Does your car feel like it’s ‘floating’ at expressway speeds or when cornering on undulating roads? Chances are, the shock absorbers are worn out and need to be replaced. If you drive a popular model, there may be many brands that offer suspension systems that are suitable for your car. Not only will your car ride more comfortably, the better handling responses also mean that your car be able to react quicker if an emergency arises. Some drivers prefer a lowered, sportier stance for their car. To do this, always replace the existing springs with lower and stiffer items. NEVER, EVER have your existing springs cut to a shorter length as your car will ‘bottom out’ easily over speed bumps or road irregularities and can cause irreparable damage. While some drivers claim that a lower, stiffer suspension improves a car’s handling, a less comfortable ride is almost always a resultant side-effect. Be sure however, to check with the workshop that the suspension upgrade is in compliance with the LTA’s guidelines.

5. Upgrading the sound system
Music playback or news reports can be more clearly heard by simply upgrading your speakers as these make the most apparent difference to any sound system.
If your car’s speakers are more than four years old or if they are exposed to heat for prolonged periods, the paper cones found in most speakers can become brittle and not flex sufficiently during dynamic playback. A more powerful amplifier can also bring out the best from your speakers when it comes to producing bass notes you can feel as well as hear.

6. Getting a new exhaust
You can get more horsepower out of your car from installing aftermarket high-performance exhaust system. Due to the improved flow of the exhaust gases, your car will operate more efficiently. However, expect a louder exhaust note and since there are some regulations about aftermarket exhaust system in Singapore first check with the installer if the item is LTA (Land Transport Authority) approved before buying.

7. Getting a new steering, gearlever and pedals
The steering wheel, gearlever and pedals are all parts of a car that one actually touch, and to further enhance the tactile experience of driving, one can have the steering and gearlever wrapped in leather, and drilled aluminium pedals for better grip. For a really sporty feel, the Italian company Momo, which supplies Ferrari with steering wheels and gear knobs, offers an excellent range as aftermarket equipment.

8. Fitting an air conditioner filter
While some car manufacturers have installed high-qualilty air filters to absorb odours and particles in their new models, those with older cars are left breathing fumes and exhausts from other road users. Well, this no longer need be the case as Cairefresh has developed an aftermarket air filter for airconditioners. Containing an electrostatically-charged polypropylene fibre, this filter inhibits fungi and mould growth as neutralising exhaust odours. This is available from most auto accessory outlets.

9. Fitting a DVD player
“Are we there yet?” is something you’ll never need to hear again when taking the family for a long drive. In-car entertainment systems capable of playing DVDs these days are extremely sophisticated with features like Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound capabilities. Best of all, the existing multi-speaker set-up in most cars is usually sufficient for surround sound. Take this a step further by adding a subwoofer speaker and the improvement to the sound quality of your movies can be surprisingly dramatic.The conventional head unit that plays CDs or cassettes and radio broadcasts in the car can be swapped for one that plays DVDs without sacrificing the other functions we’ve come to expect from a car hi-fi. Most of these players also come with a 7-inch screen that electrically folds out of the way when not in use.

For rear passengers however, a larger, ceiling-mounted extra screen or even individual screens for those seated behind, is essential for viewing movies without craning their necks to the front.

10. High performance tyres
For instant performance enhancement, the easiest thing to upgrade on your car are perhaps the tyres. Depending on the existing rubber on your car, fitting ultra high-performance tyres such as the Bridgestone S0-3, Continental CSC 2 or Pirelli P-Zero should improve the car’s handling noticeably. The downsides from these tyres are usually firmer and noisier ride.

11. Fitting more economical tyres
If you are really keen to get the best mileage from your tank of petrol, in addition to being light footed on the accelerator, another effective fuel saving device is to install low-rolling resistance tyres. The brands like Michelin, Pirelli and Yokohama have eco-tyres that have firmer sidewalls so that they roll with less resistance, and thus consume less fuel.

12. Installing a navigation system
If you are constantly thumbing through your street directory because of a bad sense of direction, what might be useful is installing a GPS and CD-Rom based navigation system. On top of displaying a map, most models will even give voice instructions to get to the destination, allowing one to fully concentrate on the driving. On top of this, most sets have flat LCD screens, displaying a map of the local area, that fit into a regular DIN-sized radio compartment.

13. Buying a new set of wheels
Changing to a new set of wheels not only improves how your car looks, but it may also enhance performance. Larger diameter rims certainly make your car look sportier and lighter wheels boost your car’s handling and acceleration, while wider ones allow wider tyres for better high-speed stability if you are a sporty driver.

14. Getting white light bulbs
The headlamps of many new cars today sport a whiter and seemingly brighter spread of light thanks to the use of High Intensity Discharge (HID) technology. If your car has not been homologated with such headlamps which are known as ‘Xenon’ headlamps, it would be illegal to change to the latter. The next best thing however, is to replace the existing halogen lamps with those that emit a ‘whiter’ light. Make sure however, that the wattage is the same

15. Re-painting it
If you have tried polishing and waxing, but your car still looks like a scrap metal on four wheels, then maybe it’s time to repaint it. Re-spraying not only revitalizes the colour of your car (you can always go for a different colour), but the new coat of gloss also gives it a shiny finish, making it look like it just got out of the showroom.